Technology offers precision swing trade timing signals for more than 4500 stocks.

Learn More uses my advanced DSP algorithms. There is nothing else like it.

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Download Technical Papers givng DSP insight into trading.

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Technical Papers

Ehlers MESA Workshop offers a personal and intense 2 day learning opportunity.

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2015 Stocks & Commodities Readers Choice Award Winner

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John F. Ehlers article "Predictive and Successful Indicators" won the Stocks & Commodities award for favorite article of the year.

MESA Software Features


More than knowing what to do right, it is knowing what not to do wrong.


My product support is nonpareil.


Trained in Waves and Information Theory.


Designer of analog and digital filters.

Track Record

Top 10 S&P trading system for 10 years.


Trading System performance is transparently reported.


Provided indicators and trading systems for over 25 years.


Trading Systems are robust, working well in all kinds of market conditions.

...with Scientific Principles

Oh yeah! Don't forget about our services!

Including some great FREE stuff

Custom Services: While my products are designed and intended to be for the self directed trader, if you need a head start, I can help!

MESA Lifetime Support (FREE! )

You own your license to MESA Phasor or MESA Intraday, unlike trading systems that are offered by subscription. That means I stand behind it 100%, including free upgrades (if applicable) and lifetime support.

StockSpotter Coaching (FREE! )

I am delighted to offer individualized StockSpotter coaching to you. This is an excellent way to optimize StockSpotter's features for your particular trading needs and style.

Technical Papers & Seminars (FREE! )

You have full access to my Technical Papers and Seminar PPT slides. These are basically research reports to help you stay current on the latest technical analysis breakthroughs.


MESA Support (FREE! )

Sometimes you just need a nudge to get you past a spot you don't understand. Most of all, there is comfort and security knowing I am here to back you up.

StockSpotter Coaching (FREE! )

StockSpotter has a host of tools to help with your stock trading, ranging from swing setup indicators to transparent reporting of results. I can help organize just the tools you need.

Technical Papers and Seminars (FREE! )

For the technically inclined, I am delighted to share my advanced research with you.

Why Experience Matters!


What My Colleagues Say!

"It's refreshing to find new ideas in a business that's become so competitive and often filled with variations on the same themes."

Perry Kaufman | Managing Director- Kaufman Analytics Ltd.

Something Else My Colleagues Say!

"If John Ehlers writes it, I read it. He's that brilliant."

Larry Williams | Trader and Author of Commodity Timing

Kind words, kind people!

"John Ehlers ranks with Art Merrill as the best quantitative technical analyst of the twentieth and, probably, the twenty-first century"

John Sweeney | former Editor-in-Chief, Stocks & Commodities Magazine

Still More from My Colleagues!

"John is one of those rare breed of analysts who dives into the why and how of things and not the often used superficial approach."

Greg Morris | Chairman- Stadion Management LLC


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